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Specialist in child- and fire safety 


E-mail: bertzanting@kindveilighuis.nl

Phone: +31 (0) 181-642310 / +31 (0) 65 432 86 64

KvK Rotterdam  56256272 


Who are we?

We are a professional company located in Spijkenisse what has for years been active in the field of security. In addition to our own quality system all our products meet the safety requirements which have been made by the Government.

Our strengths are, reliable, good service and quality.


What do we do?

We recommend, sell and install children’s and fire safety equipment. We work for individuals, nurseries, schools and institutions.


Advice, inspections and quotes

We come free and without any obligation to you for good advice an inspection or a quotation.



You can place your order online. Delivery take place between 1-3 business days.



A good assembly is also important. You can of course buy security articles but when you assemble this incorrect than the “safe” effect is gone.

If desired, we mount safety articles at your home at a competitive price.


Call : +31 (0) 181 642310 or send an e-mail  info@kindveilighuis@hotmail.nl or use our contact form.



Bert Zanting                                                                                     

Security Advisor

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